Shake Up Your Breakfast Routine With a Nutritious Smoothie

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We’ve all gotten to the point with our morning breakfast routine where you look down at your plate and wonder what in the world you’ve been doing eating dry toast and a grapefruit (or maybe a bowl of Fruit Loops? We don’t judge.) with monotonous exclusivity for several months running. If you can’t fathom one more day with your boring breakfast routine, consider shaking it up tomorrow with a delicious smoothie and a Tulia Mediterranean Supersnack.

Smoothies are an excellent quick and easy solution to get your daily fruit and vegetable requirement if you’re constantly short on time in the morning. Blending a few servings into your smoothie doesn’t take as long as preparing most meals and can aid in guaranteeing you meet your daily nutritional quota. Pro tip: did you know you can add spinach to most smoothies for added nutrients and you can’t even taste the spinach?

On a strict diet for weight loss or muscle building? Consider the smoothie! Regardless of your diet program, a liquid drink can be a great meal replacement by providing your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs whether that’s to lose weight or excel in your athletic endeavors and recover appropriately afterward. Pro tip: add protein powder to keep you full for longer during your workout and workday!

On a detox or a permanent diet change to improve digestion such as eliminating gluten, refined sugar or caffeine? A smoothie can be your best friend as you embark on this new lifestyle change. Help your digestive system out with a super nutrient filled smoothie full of dietary fiber to aid in digestion! Pro tip: Add a spoonful of one of Tulia's delicious superfood snacks for a sweet boost that’s gluten free, paleo, vegan and free from preservatives!

So next time you’re staring down another boring and lifeless breakfast meal, consider the smoothie and shake up your morning routine in a way that’s both healthy and delicious.

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