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Anyone who’s started a new healthy eating regimen after years of consuming whatever they wanted will tell you, the transition is not an easy one. Around every corner is a new temptation, an alternative reason to go back to old unhealthy eating habits, a different excuse as to why you should just give up.

At Tulia, we applaud every attempt to work toward a more wholesome lifestyle. We don’t believe in diets, as quick fixes never lend themselves to long term nutritious lifestyle changes. We believe that working hard for your own health will always pay off.

As you begin your journey into better eating decisions and eventual lifestyle changes, we want to be a resource and a supplement to help you continue to make healthy choices.

So next time you’re standing in front of your fridge or your pantry or your snack drawer or whatever black hole of endless snacking of your choice, consider our superfood snacks. Here’s why.

Sesame seeds are the crown jewel of the healthy eating world which is why we chose it to be the foundation of our delicious superfood snacks. Rich with healthy fats, our products fill you up, without slowing you down. Unlike other fast snacks, Tulia helps you establish mindful eating. Spread a couple spoonfuls on your favorite fruit, and voila, you kept your new healthy eating regimen and worked toward your daily protein goal in the process.

Something else Tulia superfood snacks contain? Fiber. Fiber is a great way to encourage healthy digestion. Fiber suppresses your appetite naturally, so you don’t need a lot to feel full. So drop that handful of chips and reach for a spoonful of Tulia instead!

No matter your healthy lifestyle goals, we’re here to help. Our products help keep hunger at bay, without sacrificing nutrition in the process. Be a mindful eater and choose Tulia for your next snack. You won’t regret it. View our flavors!


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