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If you haven’t already noticed, added sugar is pretty much everywhere. And we mean EVERYWHERE. Sure, it’s in the obvious spots. Your energy bars, your flavored yogurt, your “healthy” trail mix. But it’s also in your instant oatmeal. It’s in your salad dressing. It’s in your ketchup. It’s in your bacon! Needless to say, it’s pretty difficult to live that sugar-free lifestyle that you may be trying so valiantly to attempt.

A natural sugar lifestyle, on the other hand, is much more attainable. What exactly is natural sugar? Clue: it’s not the white stuff in packets at your favorite brunch spot. Though sugar in all forms is a simple carbohydrate that your body converts to glucose and uses for energy, the type of sugar you consume has very different effects on your body and health.

Natural sugar is found in fruit and dairy and a few other items like honey and maple syrup. It’s sugar in it’s purest form and not compounded with any chemicals or made in a factory. While the amount of sugar you eat definitely matters, most of the processed food we consume adds calories and sugar with little to no nutritional value. Natural sugar from fruit in comparison contains vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutritional benefits.

At Mama Tulia, we pride ourselves on creating products that only use natural sugar. Our delicious spreads are organically sweetened with dates, whose nutrients intact for your palette to enjoy and your body to digest. Along with dates, we also use naturally sweet ingredients like tangy pomegranate, luscious fig and decadent chocolate. And along with no added sugar, all of our spreads are preservative, gluten and nut-free.

Add some flavor to your life without losing the nutrients and minerals that processed food creates. Living a natural sugar lifestyle is possible with the help of Mama Tulia superfood snacks. With five delicious flavors, we’re about become your new favorite (naturally) sweet treat.

Ready to live a natural sugar lifestyle? Find your flavor of choice here.

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