Rice Pudding with Caramelized Apples

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The caramelized apples and Tulia Apple Cinnamon Supersnack turn this simple pudding into a luscious dessert fit for your next dinner party. Sprinkle with extra cinnamon and drizzle with some pomegranate seeds and strawberry sauce just before serving.

Yield: 4-6 servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes, plus time to chill
Cook Time: None
Recipe Type: Dessert, Easy, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free
Cuisine: Italian


Caramelized Apples
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil of vegan butter, divided
  • 2 apples, cored and thinly sliced
  • Juice of 1 orange
  • 2.5 packets Tulia Apple Cinnamon Supersnack
  • 5 cups non-dairy milk
  • 1-2 cardamom pods
  • ½ cup short grain white rice
  • 4-5 tablespoons maple syrup or another sweeter of choice (or to taste)
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract