The Mediterranean Lifestyle

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The Mediterranean lifestyle has been referenced often in mainstream entertainment, the news, and many pieces of literature. But, how much do you actually know about it?

Aside from the regularly-referenced aspects of consuming olive oil daily and drinking wine with meals, the core pillars of the Mediterranean lifestyle have been shown to strengthen longevity, wellness, and happiness.

The Mediterranean lifestyle is the accumulation of practices and traditions of the people who surround the Mediterranean Sea, including those in countries like Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Italy, and Spain.q

The fundamental principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle revolve around three main themes: 

  • The Mediterranean diet
  • Community
  • Activity 

The Mediterranean Diet

Pure, unprocessed, unrefined; the cornerstones of a whole, natural food diet that encourage longevity and empower an active, healthy lifestyle.

At its core, the Mediterranean diet encourages fresh, whole, seasonal foods that focus heavily on plant-based food options, healthy oils (olive oil), moderate amounts of fish and poultry, and minimal dairy and red/processed meats. The health benefits from these patterns of eating are supported by significant numbers of studies and scientific reports. It has been shown that the Mediterranean diet can help guide weight loss efforts, help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and premature death.


A community is any group of people that share a genuine connection, whether it’s blood, background, or common passion. Over many centuries and across all cultures, a strong sense of community has been proven to enable an altruistic focus and fulfilling life. Individuals who feel strongly connected to others for any reason or variety of reasons seem to have higher fundamental levels of happiness.

So reach out, engage, and connect!


Get out and move! Run, hike, bike, dance, ski; whatever makes you happy and feel alive, just get out there and do it. Slow to moderate exercise plays an important role in keeping yourself young and energetic. Many people of the Mediterranean cultures choose to walk daily, which allows them to keep consistent in moving regularly. You don’t have to lift heavy weights like Arnold Schwarzenegger to look good and feel good for years to come. Just go outside, and get yourself moving!

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